Sam E. Barker Sr. (President)

Over 30 years ago, I started working on lighting for cars, limousines, RV’s, etc.


After a year or so, I decided to get into decorative restaurant lighting, theatre aisle and step lighting.

Back then, we used plain Buck-Boost transformers and Malibu type transformers.

We soon learned that we needed secondary protection! It didn’t take much to burn up the secondary wiring---


Early 80’s I started SEBCO Distributing. In addition to lighting, I added transformers to my product line and started adding fuses to the secondary on the transformers. After having a few fuse holders melt, I changed to circuit breakers. Not long after this, the N.E.C started talking about low voltage lighting and UL began looking into new Standards. By now, I was making my own tube lights and transformers.


I began by listing my products to UL 1598, but soon switched to the “proposed” UL 2108. I was one of the first, companies to list my lighting and transformers as a system. Around 1993, U.L. started looking into low voltage lighting applications. After many years of selling lighting and transformers, I decided in 1995 to drop the lighting and stick with the transformers. I began designing and building transformers for “specifically” for low voltage lighting. Our reputation for reliability and performance was not lost on other lighting companies, and as they say, the rest is history!! There were many, many lighting companies but it seemed like no one wanted to build transformers.


In 1996, the National Electric Code added Article 411, specifically for low voltage lighting systems. We were already ahead of the game and as companies started listing their lighting products to the new rules, they chose SEBCO since we were already listed!


In 1997, I incorporated and started SEBCO Industries, Inc.. At this point, we were private labeling for many of our customers. We were, and still are, building our products in the U.S. and strive to build a product that is the best in the industry.


In 1999, we started working on new transformer designs and moved our current facilities with a large warehouse and separate assembly buildings. We continued to grow in our industry and in 2004 and 2005, my sons Tim and Sam Jr. joined the company.


We continue to look toward the future and now offer LED drivers, Electronic transformers and many other specialized products for Lighting Manufacturers and the Electrical Distribution Industries. In 2011, we opened a new sales and warehouse facility in San Diego County to help support our growth in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada.


I’ll probably never retire; going to work is still fun and I look forward to the new challenges the lighting industry faces on a daily basis!!